What we do:

Here at UEC we operate a transparent business that works ethically and diligently to ensure that you, our clients, not only understand the market but also ensure that you are confident that within our capabilities, the product we offer is the best product for you and your business.

Who we are:

We are an independently owned energy consultancy that seeks to make a difference in the energy industry. With our combined experience spanning over 10 years delivering the energy needs to small, medium and high-end businesses specifically; whether it be sales, complaints or auditing and understanding the client journey within each of these facets, we recognise that there is a major need for an ethical and trusted energy consultancy. And this is our mission; to be regarded as the industry’s Trust Energy Consultancy.

So, whether you don’t understand the industry, don’t have time to deal with your businesses energy needs or whether you would just prefer to spend your time on your businesses growth and performance, our service is tailor made for you. As you continue to do whatever it takes to run a successful business, we’ll continue to do whatever it takes to make keeping your lights on less of an expense.

Our Mission: 
To be in the industry’s Trusted Energy Consultancy – Full-stop!

We feel that the energy market needs to be disrupted, therefore we aim to not only make the end to end process of securing energy efficient but also transparent for each of our clients. The way we will make this happen is by pulling back the curtain somewhat and allowing our clients to understand how the industry currently operates, we feel this will fluently dovetail in to our objective of becoming the trusted partner we aim to be.

Our USP:
The perfect balance between cheap pricing and customer service

Because our business is self-sustainable, we feel that we are uniquely positioned. Because of our position we feel that we are able to offer much more competitive energy contracts than most of the market. From our experience we feel that bigger companies cannot be as competitive as they may want, due to the expense in their overheads. These huge overheads need to be maintained to allow others companies to have a profitable business, whereas with us this is not the case. As we don’t have these to worry about, we are able to be much more competitive.